Recyclebank Learn & Earn = 25 Points

Organic waste (like food scraps) can take one of three different paths. Learn the options and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank Learn & Earn = 25 Points

Organic waste never really goes “away.” Learn more and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

New Turkey Hill Coupons @ Recyclebank

Turkey Hill all Natural Gelato

Recyclebank has posted 2 new Turkey Hill coupons:

Turkey Hill All Natural Pure & Chilled Lemonade

Use Recyclebank’s Greener Gadget Energy Calculator To Earn 15 Points

Use the Greener Gadgets Energy Calculator to find out how much energy your household uses and ways to reduce it. The tips might reduce your energy bill too, plus you’ll get 15 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank: 2 Learn & Earns = 225 Points


When the wrong things end up in the recycling bin, it can lead to big problems. Learn how to contain contamination and earn up to 130 Recyclebank points!

Replacing bad habits in your daily routine can have a big eco impact. Learn how and earn up to 95 Recyclebank points

Recyclebank Learn & Earn = 5 Points

Have old electronics sitting around the house? Search Greener Gadgets’ e-cycler locator to give your outdated devices a second life, and pick up 5 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank Learn & Earns = 40 Points

Contamination can ruin clean recyclables. Learn why and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

Learn a few ways to cut down on food waste. Earn 15 Recyclebank points along the way!

Recyclebank: More Opportunities to Earn Points!

In case you missed any of the earn opportunities released over the past few weeks, the entire Recycling 101 collection — worth a total of 160 Recyclebank points — is now available. Learn the basics of recycling so you can recycle right and recycle more!

Contamination is a serious problem for recycling. Learn what it is and how to prevent it, and earn 20 Recyclebank points along the way.

Next time you’re shopping, consider reaching for products made of recycled material. Get some pointers and earn 15 points!

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 5 Points

Did you know that the average household generates about a rhino’s worth of waste per year? From milk jugs to toilet paper rolls, your recycling really adds up. Check out The Impact of Recycling infographic and earn 5 Recyclebank points!

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 25 Points

Recycling rules vary depending on where you live, but you can still pick up some universal truths about basic recyclable materials. Learn these four basics and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 15 Points

When you learn the rules of recycling, you can recycle right and earn 15 points.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 25 Points

Keeping materials out of landfills is just one reason why recycling matters. Find out why it’s also important for the economy and the environment, and earn 25 points.

Recyclebank: Buy 2 Happy Baby or Happy Tot Pouches Get One FREE

Happy Baby

Check out this new offer @ Recyclebank:

This offer is available through 1/31/15.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 25 Points

If you came out of the holiday with new clothing, gear and gadgets, make sure the old stuff doesn’t end up in a landfill. Learn how and earn 25 points.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 25 Points

Stay warm and cozy this week, the energy-efficient way.

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