Recyclebank: FREE Johnson & Johnson Bathroom Recycling Bin or Tote

Need a little help reducing, re-using or recycling?  Recyclebank is offering 2 new freebies to help you out!

Recyclebank bucket_mock_up_1_1_1_

Free Johnson & Johnson bathroom-recycling bin – 1,000 points, mailed offer

Recyclebank custom_tote_1_

Free Johnson & Johnson laminated bathroom-recycling tote – 1,000 points, mailed offer

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Earn 40 Recyclebank Points

In the spirit of tax season, learn how small adjustments can produce big dividends. Earn 10 points along the way!

This 30-point quiz can help you find a bathroom recycling solution based on your answers.

Consider cashing in your points for the solution that fits your lifestyle!

Recyclebank: Earn 100 Points

Learn what to look for when you shop and earn 100 points along the way

Recyclebank: Keep Your Freezer Efficient = 25 Points

Earn 25 points and make your freezer run as efficiently as possible.

Recyclebank: Put The Savings Back In Daylight Savings Time

Earn 10 points and learn ways to save on costs and energy by using sunlight.

Recyclebank: One FREE Reusable Green Food Kozy Wrap – 1500 Points


You can score One FREE Reusable Green Food Kozy Wrap @ Recyclebank by redeeming 1500 Recyclebank points!

These are perfect alternative to plastic baggies for sandwiches, snacks and leftovers. Their wraps also double as an on-the-go placemat. Replace disposable snack bags with this BPA-free alternative!

Your reward will be mailed to you within 2-4 weeks.  Offer expires 3/31/14.

I love my U-Konserve items I got for free @ Recyclebank and use them daily in mine and my children’s lunchboxes.  You can see them in this post:  Kids Konserve Deals @ Recyclebank.

Recyclebank: Earn 100 Points

Earn 100 points while learning ways to greenly clean your house.

Recyclebank: American Heart Month Quiz = 25 Points

Earn 25 points by learning how “healthy” and “eco-friendly” are related.

Recyclebank: Earn 110 Recyclebank Points

Fall in love with creative DIY reuse projects and earn up to 100 points.

Make your next gameday party an eco-friendly win with tips from our slideshow, worth 10 points.

Earn 10 Recyclebank Points

Learn green ways to say goodbye to the holidays and earn 10 points.

Recyclebank: Earn 125 Points

Earn up to 100 points by learning small tips for green changes in 2014.

Find green resolution ideas in a quiz worth 25 points.


Recyclebank: NEW! FREE Kiwi Magazine Subscription – 240 Points


Recyclebank has a few new offers including a FREE 1-Year (6 issue) Subscription to Kiwi Magazine for 240 points.


“KIWI Magazine helps parents to raise their children in the healthiest way possible by providing valuable information, ideas and resources about the safest and most nutritious food choices, family wellness tips and tricks, practical travel and vacationing ideas, fun environmental education projects all in any easy-to-read and enjoyable format.”

$1.00/1 Happy Tot Toddler Bars

Recyclebank has posted a new Happy Family coupon:

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Earn 100 Recyclebank Points

Revisit Recyclebank’s 2013 faves and you’ll earn up to 100 points along the way.

Recyclebank Insider News: Earn 20 Points


Sending flowers to a loved one is a great way to brighten their day. Before you order those long-stem roses, learn why it’s important to check for specific types of certifications at Recyclebank for 10 points.

Then, turn those points into brownie points. While supplies last, Recyclebank members can get 20% off their order at

There are so many benefits with a hyper-connected world, but sometimes we lose sight of technology’s environmental impact. Earn 10 points while learning how you can be more tech savvy and eco-friendly at Recyclebank.

You can see more ways to earn Recyclebank Points HERE.

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