Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 25 Points

When it comes to your summertime energy bill, you might want to sweat the small stuff. Find out how and earn 25 points.

Recyclebank: EARN. SHOP. REWARD. = 25 Points

Did you know that less than 1% of the world’s water is usable? Learn how to preserve precious water and earn 10 points.

Watch how master glassblowers create functional works of art. After earning 15 points, get 25% off beautiful Bambeco serveware handcrafted from recycled glass, only until Friday, July 18.

Reward yourself with a Ziploc Plastic Bag Recycler. It’ll help you organize all those plastic bags, which you can recycle at a location near you.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 10 Points

Find out how Philadelphia is going green every day. Get inspired and earn 10 points!

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 55 Points

Learn about the lifecycle of paper, then put your knowledge to the test. Earn up to 55 points along the way.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 25 Points

Whether you’re staycationing at home or traveling abroad, you can take steps to minimize your energy usage this summer. Learn some tips in our newest 25-point quiz.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 10 Points

Have you seen your local farmers’ market lately? Summer season produce has arrived, and choosing it can minimize negative environmental impact. Learn how and earn 10 points.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earn = 100 Points

Learn ways to make a beach trip easier on you and the environment, and earn up to 100 points.

Recyclebank: FREE Ziploc Bag Recycler


Recyclebank is now offering a FREE Ziploc Bag Recycler for 1500 Points.  Here’s the description:

“Need some help rounding up all the plastics bags around the house? The Ziploc bag recycler, made from all natural fabrics, allows you to easily corral all your different plastic bags. The bottom opening lets you easily grab a bag for reuse. When it gets full, simply carry it to your local retailer that accepts plastic bags for recycling.”

Your reward will be mailed to you within 3 weeks.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earns = 55 Points

Short-term, you can prepare for storms. Long-term, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Did you know you can recycle Ziploc® bags, grocery bags, and other plastic films? Learn more and check out a special reward.

Recyclebank: Learn & Earns = 40 Points

Learn why two wheels are better than four, and earn 10 points.

Only 20% of Americans consistently recycle in the bathroom. Will you join them?

Recyclebank: Party Time = Earn 100 Points

The month of May is packed with all sorts of celebrations. Get some party-planning ideas that maximize fun and minimize waste, and earn up to 100 points.

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Recyclebank: FREE U-Konserve Mud Sweat-FREE Ice Pack


There is a new U-Konserve freebie available @ Recyclebank:

“Our non-toxic gel pack comes inside a cover made from recycled plastic bottles! Our reusable ice pack is ideal for kid’s lunch boxes, keeping groceries cold, and handy for boo boos.”

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Recyclebank: Earn 130 Points

Honor Mom, honor the planet on the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day.

Go through the pros and cons of using paper in this 30-point flowchart brought to you by Domtar.

Recyclebank: Introducings……….. One Twine

Shop the new One Twine shop for carefully vetted products that are better for your home, the planet, and your wallet. Apply your points for a discount and, for a limited time only, get free shipping on all orders!

Recyclebank: FREE Johnson & Johnson Bathroom Recycling Bin or Tote

Need a little help reducing, re-using or recycling?  Recyclebank is offering 2 new freebies to help you out!

Recyclebank bucket_mock_up_1_1_1_

Free Johnson & Johnson bathroom-recycling bin – 1,000 points, mailed offer

Recyclebank custom_tote_1_

Free Johnson & Johnson laminated bathroom-recycling tote – 1,000 points, mailed offer

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