Seth’s ‘Omelet Garden’ and a Gardening Tip

This spring I set about pulling apart my herb garden that was becoming over run by weeds.  My chives desperately needed dividing.  My 14 yr. old was helping out with some of the grunt work when he became appalled with my throwing some of the chives in the compost.

He asked if he could put some in a pot on the deck so that he could use them in his omelets that he makes so well.

Money Saving Maine-iac

I think he did a great job.  The plants are healthy and he is also regrowing some organic scallions in the pot as well.  I have to admit, I’m enjoying these herbs on the porch as much as he is.

Money Saving Maine-iac

Here’s the gardening tip:

Use a fork from your kitchen as a little hoe to loosen up the top soil of your potted plants.  This keeps the soil receptive to watering.  If you don’t scrape the surface, you develop a thin crusty layer that the water has a hard time seeping through, running off or pooling on top instead. 

Using the fork as a hoe also ‘weeds’ your potted garden.  When you use homemade compost, like Seth did, you sometimes get a few surprise weeds sprouting up.  🙂

Seth’s Omelet Garden will be easily transported inside in the fall, where he will continue to snip and enjoy the herbs.

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