Happy New Year! & 3 Challenges I’m Participating In, In 2015

Happy New Year to all my friends, family and readers here at Money Saving Maine-iac!  I am making a few personal New Years Resolutions this year that I will post about at a later time.  Today I wanted to share 3 ‘Challenges’ that I will be participating in, in 2015:


(1)  52 Week Savings Challenge   You start off slow–week #1 is only $1–but as the weeks progress you save more until at the end of the year you have more than $1300!  This should more than cover our Christmas budget for 2015.  We started this week and have a $1.00 balance.  🙂


(2)  52 Weeks To A Simplified Home  We are moving and down-sizing with David’s upcoming retirement and will be mortgage free!  I’m starting now to clean out the house so I won’t have so much to move.  I’ve gone from room to room (leaving the basement for last, yikes!) and made my plan and have crossed off week 1 by cleaning out the cupboards under the 2 sinks in the downstairs bathroom.  Who knew there was so much there for me to get rid of?!


(3)  The Joy DareThree prompts a day to find 3 gifts.  The number one effective exercise to limit stress — is to exercise gratitude thinking.  I’m excited about this challenge!  I’ve pulled out a brand new notebook, nothing fancy, to keep as a gratitude journal and will record these in it along with other blessings I am counting.

How about you?  Are you participating in any challenges in 2015?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring the 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable, I am thrilled you have started your savings journey already! For those of you who want to start BIG I also have a printable for those who want to do it in reverse, so you start with the larger amounts and then the last 4 weeks next year are smaller, more manageable amounts. Either printable is great and gets you started on your savings journey! Happy New Year!

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