Inexpensive Non-Candy Valentine Ideas

I am a Kindergarten teacher so I’m already cruising the internet for inexpensive Valentine ideas for younger (k-3) students.  I thought I pass along what I’ve found so far:

Vist At Second Street for the FREE Printable  then purchase 48 Lip Whistles for $7.67.  ($ .16 each!)

Visit Inner Child Fun for the FREE Printable then purchase inexpensive 12-packs of colorful or Valentine pencils at The Dollar Tree. ( $ .08 each!)

Visit The Long Thread for the FREE Printable then recycle your old crayons.  (free!)

Oh man the sweetness of these ‘Wood You Be My Valentine’ wooden cards!  Head over to Mustard Seeds to learn how to make these!

How about the older children?

Visit Design Mom for FREE Mad Lib Messages then purchase a Mad Libs pad at your local bookstore.  They’re usually priced around $3.99 and have 21 Mad Lib pages inside ($ .19 each!).  My 4th grader is loving this idea!

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