I’m Over The Moon For Over The Moon Milk – Review & Giveaway (3 Winners)

In our house, milk is a staple.  The boys drink it daily and, if they had it their way, it is all the boys would drink.  I encourage them throughout the day to have 100% juices for breakfast and water to quench their thirst but, when they sit down to the dinner table, it’s a tall glass of milk that they want and expect with their meal.

When the boys were toddlers they drank whole milk but eventually we reduced their fat intake to 2% and now the whole family drinks skim.

Over the Moon Milk has 34% more calcium and 37% more protein plus Vitamin D in the low-fat and 1% versions;  45% more and 37% more protein plus vitamin D in the chocolate version.  Since chocolate milk is viewed as a ‘treat’ in our home it puts me ‘Over the Moon’ that there it includes no high fructose corn syrup and none of the milk choices included artificial growth hormones either.  Which means their all happy to consume it and I’m all happy that I can serve it!

This week our family has enjoyed sampling Over the Moon milk on cereal and stirred in oatmeal, blended breakfast smoothies (check out the Over the Moon Recipes!), drank it straight up tall with dinner and of course we used it as a dunk for our homemade molasses cookies and we have loved the taste.  There really is a difference in flavor.

Over the Moon milk is on sale this week at Shaw’s for $3.00 a half-gallon.  Maine is a ‘dairy state’ and so we cannot use the wonderful $1.00/1 Any 64 oz. Over the Moon Milk coupon that one can print off their facebook page.  But all the rest of you New Englander’s certainly can!  I strongly encourage you to pick up a half-gallon this week and give this yummy product a try.


Just because Over the Moon thinks all of you are as special as I do, three (3) lucky Money Saving Maine-iac readers are eligible to win this cool Over the Moon Sipper cup!

To Enter

Simply leave a comment in the comment section of this post telling us which Over the Moon milk you want to try, Fat FREE, 1% or Chocolate.  You leave a second, separate, comment telling us what sends you ‘Over the Moon’ for an extra entry.

This giveaway will begin today, Friday 4/20 and end Sunday 4/22 at midnight.    Good Luck and enjoy!


  1. I would have to try the Chocolate-it sounds so good

  2. Going on vacation sends me over the moon

  3. Claire McTiernan says:

    Chocolate please 😉

  4. Megan Wullaert says:

    I would love to try chocolate!

  5. Megan Wullaert says:

    Spending time with my one year old son sends me over the moon 🙂

  6. 1% please!

  7. Enjoying time with my children sends me over the moon!

  8. Chocolate sounds heavenly!

  9. I would like to try the chocolate flavor! What a treat!

  10. Working in my garden sends me over the moon!

  11. Jennifer Hafemann says:

    I would try chocolate, Sara loves that!

  12. This milk is pretty yummy!

  13. Erika Speed says:

    We’d love to try the chocolate milk for a treat

  14. Erika Speed says:

    Grammy taking my son for the weekend sends me over the moon!

  15. Would definately try the chocolate!

  16. Spending time with my 1 1/2 yr old and 2 1/2 yr old sends me over the moon 🙂

  17. Juia Prue Potvin says:

    I would love to try the chocolate over the moon….,

  18. Juia Prue Potvin says:

    happy to say there are so many things in my life that send me “over the moon” happy little morning kisses’ from my pup LILY always “send me over the moon”… no better way to start a day…

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